"I want these works to become intimate pieces for people to live with. To help celebrate and normalise our amazingly rich erotic inner worlds"

This is a small selection of art works curated from of a larger body developed over the last 12 months. The focus, to explore the gap between what we, as women see and hear on a daily basis in relation to our own sexual identity and what we - feel, think and know, in our bodies and minds. Interviews, live model sittings, personal stories and art history research informed its evolution. 
It’s this gap between what is communicated to us in society and that of our lived experience that drives this project. 

"As I age, becoming more aware of how sexuality and identity are intrinsically linked. I want to better understand other women’s perspectives and ways of being" 


Joanna Henly is an award-winning illustrator, exhibiting artist, muralist, speaker, author and the founder of Miss Led Studio. Building a profile as both traditional and new media artist, Henly has collaborated and presented visual worlds for clients, such as Vivienne Westwood, Mario Testino and John Galliano, producing large-scale installations for film, advertising and exhibition.

Her large scale murals and canvases have been exhibited as solo shows in both the UK and Asia, with notable exhibits in both Somerset House and the Saatchi Gallery London. Not confined to traditional spaces; her art spills onto the streets with large-scale paintings for the Design Weeks and Design Festivals of Milan, Barcelona & London. Henly's work fuses seamlessly with the urban landscape, embellishing department stores and boutiques, such as the iconic D&ME and Selfridges London